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Killing My Inner Mean Girl

"Tell your inner mean girl to suck it." -- Jill Angie, Not Your Average Runner website and podcast When I was a teenager, my inner mean girl was brutal. I used to run to lose weight and get thin. I think I started running when I was 16. I had a raging eating disorder, a distorted body image, and no self-esteem whatsoever. I went to my high school counselor and spilled my guts when my eating disorder had become a looming monster that I could no longer control. The 'tools' I had implemented to control my weight and my body had come to control me and I was terrified. The high school counselor let the vice-principal know about my problem. The vice-principal was a really nice nun. She was a no-nonsense woman with short hair and a kind face. She called me into her office and explained to me that my parents had to be informed of my problem and that I had to be the one to tell them. I told her I was afraid to tell them because they would get mad at me, tell me to stop doing i